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Introducing an entire universe of P2E games, DeFi, NFTs, and open world sandbox all under the Bitcrush umbrella, powered by $CRUSH and $NICE. With some items on the way, and many already playable, blast off into the future of Gamefi and get ready to Crush the metaverse with our entire community of Crushers!

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The mothership and the core of our whole Invaderverse, is live now with our innovative non-custodial live wallet, staking 2.0, casino games, lottery, and much more on the way. Visit now to find out how is changing Gamefi forever.

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Bitcrush Arcade

This is where our games live. Play, win, earn(coming soon), and have fun playing on the most transparent DeFi casino out there.

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Bitcrush Arcade

N.I.C.E. Invaders Crush Everything

N.I.C.E. Invaders is a hybrid kingdom builder, planetary attack and defense game. The goal is simple, stake $CRUSH to earn $NICE. Recruit other users to level up and increase $NICE production, and attack other planets for resources, while defending your own. It’ll take strategy and cooperation to expand and thrive in the game while earning real rewards in this exciting P2E universe. With a comprehensive breeding and offspring system, cross-chain gameplay, and massive expansion capabilities, N.I.C.E. Invaders is out to Crush the competition. Oh and look out for those “Black Hodles,” you may want to think about joining a faction or risk losing the entire universe!

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Bitcrush Arcade
NFT Breeding

Mad N.I.C.E Invaders

Emperors Assemble

Excited to mine a ton of $NICE? You might want to think about picking up an Emperor NFT. Every planet requires an Emperor to mine $Nice. There are 100 planets that exist in game, and only 100 Emperors will ever be minted. They are they that holds it all together. If you want to be a big deal in the Invaderverse, you’ll want to be an Emperor.

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Crush Planet

Planetary safe zone Crush Planet is our P2E open world sandbox. Jump into an exciting world that borders on reality and cyberpunk fantasy to explore a new take on what a metavaerse can be. With districts for gaming, business, red light and casinos, and much much more, find out how we’re positioning ourselves in a unique way to that extend way beyond just real estate sales… “That’s no moon…”

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Bitcrush Arcade

The Roadmap

JAN 2022

  • NICE

  • ✅ 
    IDO Announcement
  • MAD NICE Invaders

  • INO Announcement
  • ✅ 
    Production Begins for N.I.C.E. Invaders
  • Production Begins for Marketplace
  • ✅ 
    Marketing Agency Signed

JAN 2022

  • Bitcrush

  • ✅ 
    Crush N' Burn Lottery
  • BUSD Live Wallet
  • Marketing

  • ✅ 
    Discord Launch
  • ✅ 
    Instagram Launch
  • ✅ 
    Social Marketing Efforts Begin

FEB 2022

  • NICE

  • ✅ 
    Pre-sale (BSC)
  • Public Sale (Fantom) - Audited
  • Cross-Chain Bridge Launched $NICE - Audited
  • $NICE Farms and Pools (BSC)
  • $NICE Farms and Pools on Partner Projects
  • MAD NICE Invaders

  • 1st Round INO (ETH)
  • 2nd Round INO

FEB 2022

  • Bitcrush

  • Dice Invaders Re-launch
  • Cross-Chain Bridge Launched $CRUSH - Audited
  • Developer + Community Engagement/Sneak Peeks
  • $NICE Live Wallet
  • $NICE Added to Staking Pool 2.0
  • Crush N' Burn Lottery Fantom Launch
  • Wager Mining (P2E)

MARCH 2022


  • 3rd Round INO
  • Claiming Game Character NFT
  • N.I.C.E. Invaders

  • Introducing Crushed NFT Protocol
  • Affiliate Monoliths on Adjacent Metaverses
  • Crush Planet Partnership Outreach

MARCH 2022

  • Bitcrush

  • Bitcrush Arcade Black Hodle Referrals
  • Marketplace Testing
  • Arcade on Fantom
  • Testing of Live Wallet on Ethereum and Polygon

Q2 2022

  • $NICE

  • Centralized Exchange Listing (potentially)
  • N.I.C.E. Invaders

  • Launch
  • Crush Planet

  • District Map Rollout
  • Real Estate Sale
  • Builder Tools Introduced

Q2 2022

  • Bitcrush

  • Marketplace Launch
  • First Stage Arcade Gamification Rollout
  • Early Bitcrush As A Service (BCAAS)

Q3/Q4 2022

  • Crush Planet

  • Partnership Outreach
  • Testing and Beta

Q3/Q4 2022

  • Bitcrush

  • Arcade Metaverse Rollout
  • Expanded BCAAS + BCAAS Meta Rollout
  • Community

  • Establish Framework for Crowd Funding
  • Run First Crowd Funded Game (Memories of Origin)
  • Additional Games and Verticals
2023+ Keep Crushing It!

Value Propositions

Integrated Ecosystem

Our ecosystem of P2E gamefi is built around an existing system of games, casino, lottery, and DeFi pools/farms, all fully integrated with $NICE and $CRUSH regardless of your style of gameplay and ready to move cross-chain.

Advanced Tech

Our innovative hybrid live wallet system was created to add transparency to centralized game play, but has massive implications outside of just casino games. From non-custodial cross chain gameplay to in game micro-transactions between blockchains, our unique solutions are ready for scaling.

Dual Token

Our economies revolve around our deflationary share token $CRUSH, and our inflationary currency token $NICE. With many varying use cases spread through all aspects of our Invaderverse, there will always be somewhere to stake, burn, and play to earn more rewards.


Our marketplace features a variety of game assets and characters, with revenue sharing and burn mechanisms to keep our economies running nice and smoothly in the ultimate P2E universe.

Staking 2.0

Staking 2.0 provides a place to stake your $CRUSH to earn APY rewards plus revenue sharing of casino profits. Who doesn’t want auto-compounding casino and game profits?


Choose your invader squad and attack with our fun to play Crush n’Burn lottery. Every player wins in this no lose lottery with massive burn mechanisms.

NFT Utility

Our “Mad N.i.c.e. Invaders” NFTs have heavy utility tied into all aspects of the invaderverse, as they are directly correlated to N.i.c.e. Invaders game characters, and we will be required to mine $NICE in game. Additioanlly Crushed NFTS provide a new use case for rewards and moving characters cross chain, and even open world expansion will require access to our amazing NFTs utilities.


We’ve always taken a game first approach to our products, and infused them with as much transparency as possible. This is why we don’t require signups, emails, password, or other personal data. Decentralized finance and transparent gameplay is everything we strive for. Keep an eye out for many more games to come in the future.

Open World

Our open world Crush Planet features unique aspects to real estate land expansion to create an experience like never before. We aim to create a through-world to other metaverses that is both engaging, profitable, and advantageous in the development and deployment of other blockchain based activities. Why not mint a new planet and earn your own revenue from real estate sales?

Lead Squadron

Master Blaster


John Wick


Semi Invader


Moon Driver


Sifu Crusher

Community Manager


Contracts & Architect


Invaderverse Architect


Invaderverse Biz Dev


NFT Artist

Dragon Slayer

Casino Advisor

Game Development Partner

Frag Games



What is the Invaderverse

The Invaderverse is a metaverse made up of several different projects beneath the same umbrella, all interwoven with tokens $CRUSH and $NICE. From Play to earn to NFTs, to casino lottery, and DeFi, whatever your preferred method of play is we got you covered. Jump in and start earning now!

What makes us Unique?

What sets us apart from other projects is our core fundamentals we’ve been building over the past year. Our hybrid style of gameplay allows us to add transparency into centralized games providing cross-chain capabilities and microtransactions on what would normally be expensive blockchains. Combine with our multi-tiered approach and amazing revenue sharing models, you just can’t Crush It any harder than you can with the Invaderverse.

Will there be a token sale or NFT sale?

There will be both. Please join discord to get the latest info on how you can own your piece of the Invaderverse before anyone else gets a chance.

Will there be a token pre-sale?

Yes there will be. To gain priority to the pre-sale you’ll need to whitelist by purchasing and holding a CRUSH GOD NFT from Wizard Financial on BSC. The pre-sale will be held on BSC and the public sale will be held on Fantom.

Will there be an NFT pre-sale?

There will not be a pre-sale for NFTs, however there will be 3 rounds of sales. Our first round NFT sale will be only our Emperor NFTs, which have very high in-game usecases and will be required by planets to mine $NICE. These Emperor NFTs will have very high open world value as well. NFTs will be minted on Ethereum.

Where can I view my Mad N.I.C.E. Invaderse NFT?

Once you mint and reveal occurs you will be able to view them on

What can I do with my NFT?

There are many use cases for your NFTs. You can sell it, you can use it to claim your N.I.C.E. Invader game character. Once you claim your character you can sell both independently, or you can keep in the same wallet to earn revenues from the marketplace. You can even lease out your NFT to players in return for splitting the game profits.

What’s the difference between Mad N.I.C.E. Invaders and N.I.C.E. Invaders?

N.I.C.E. Invaders is our multiplayer kingdom builder attack and defense game that uses NFT characters in various roles to mine $NICE and expand throughout the universe. Mad N.I.C.E. Invaverse is our NFT collection which you can keep, sell, use to claim characters, or earn revenue with.

Do NFTs serve a purpose in Crush Planet?

Yes, more will be announced in time. But presently expanding in the open world will take on a similar mechanism as in N.I.C.E. Invaders so it’s always a good idea to hold on to your NFTs.

What’s the difference between Bitcrush and N.I.C.E. Invaders?

Bitcrush is our DeFi protocol with pools, farms, hybrid gamefi casino, lottery and more.

Will Bitcrush be available on Crush Planet?

Yes, Bitcrush will be creating our own casinos and allowing others to use our hybrid live wallet to launch their own.

Which Blockchain should I use?

Currently Bitcrush operates on Binance Smart Chain, and will be bridging to Fantom shortly. Post NFT sale we will be expanding to Ethereum and Polygon as well.

What are Crushed NFTs?

Crushed NFTs are the term when use when a collection piece has not yet claimed a game character, or the game character and NFT are held in the same wallet. Once you claim your character you can sell both independently, or you can keep in the same wallet which “Crushes’ them to earn revenues from the marketplace.

What’s the Difference between $CRUSH and $NICE?

$CRUSH is a share token and $NICE is our game currency.

How do royalties work?

You can stake $CRUSH to earn rewards from games, or hold Crushed NFTs to earn $NICE. Additionally, royalties will be paid out for land usage on Crush Planet.

How can I stake $CRUSH?

Head over to to the “Galactic Mining” page, or stake $CRUSH on planet in N.I.C.E. Invaders.